Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Republiscams still have us in Afghanistan. Why?

There was no reason whatsoever for the United States to invade Afghanistan, just like there was no intelligent reason to go into Iraq or Laos or Cambodia, or Vietnam or Granada or.............

The fact remains that the Satanic Republiscams (Those who worship money and try to get it from the government one way or another through scams.) created all of those unnecessary wars so that the military industrial complex companies could make money hand over fist and expect the American taxpayers to foot the bill. And then we worry about our national debt. Hades! If the Republiscams did not get us into all of these conflicts, we would have no national debt. None!

Think about it. If we did not have all of the Military Industrial Complex spending, we could have built the most modern utopia the world could ever dream of while never going into debt. Instead, we spend our tax dollars on things that killed other human beings. We built things that went BOOM! and then were gone, leaving only dead bodies behind.

What have we done in Afghanistan? We invaded a country that was back in the middle ages (from our perspective) and tried to change them and give them a new government. What gave us the right to make a judgment that they needed to be changed or killed? So now we have set up another puppet government that revived the Opium Industry and is now producing over 80 percent of the world's Opium for the addicts of the world. Compared to Mexican Brown Tar Heroin, that Afghanistan crap is some fine sheeet; so, of course our Government supports it. Our puppet government in Kabul runs that "fine upstanding business" so they can get rich as long as the United States forces keep them in power.

Meanwhile, we are killing hundreds of thousands of Afghans because they object to us coming in and raping and destroying their country, culture and old time religion. If their religion is going to evolve as ours has towards liberalism, it will do it of its own accord. It will not change because of bullets and bombs. Instead we just make them more steadfast in their defiance of the "Sexually Immoral United States" (Their perspective because they see us as the smut peddler to the world.). They see our religion as faulty, too, because God would never support a country that has invaded countless other countries to set up friendly dictatorships all over the world so that the Republiscams could go into those countries and exploit their resources. Read about our "Fruit Company Wars in Central America" if you do not know what I am talking about. Read about how the CIA set up the Shah of Iran and Mubarak in Egypt, or Pinochet in Chili.

We have absolutely no business being in Afghanistan. We have no right to kill their men, women and little children, yet the Satanic Republiscams in Congress keep on voting to fund the endless war, either there or in other countries. We passed 1984 years ago and nobody got the message.

The Republiscams gloat in the killing of the religious zealots who live in mud and rock houses that easily collapse when we drop a bomb on them. BLAM!!!!! Bits and Pieces of dead women and children and babies and men all over the place when they traditionally gather in their primitive houses for their prayer services (We call them secret meetings). And then we "wonder" why they fight back when they see American troops driving towards their villages. If Russian or Chinese troops were invading my community, you can be certain that I would be shooting at them, too. I would soon be a dead man with a long white beard like we see so often in Afghanistan. The Afghans have a right to defend their homes against enemy invasion.

The Satanic Republiscams, of course point out that Osama Bin Ladin and a few of his followers were hiding in the remote mountain wild lands called Tora Bora near the Pakistan border. Yep, they were right, that is where he was hiding. We could have landed a thousand Marines or Army Rangers in there and cleaned him out in a few days. Osama only had a few dozen men around him, at best. When he fled east to the protection of Pakistan we did not invade that country, even though we knew that most of the Al Qaeda operatives were located in Pakistan and their mindless soldier recruits were located in Saudi Arabia.

As far as Afghanistan was concerned, we could have offered several million dollars (A pittance compared to the actual war spending.) to help fund the northern armies that were fighting a small civil war in Afghanistan against the Taliban religious regime (that controlled about 60 percent of the country.) as long as they brought us the head of Osama Bin Ladin; but, no, we had to take over the whole country, not just thirty square miles of the Tora Bora area. The Republiscams make more money that way.

Why? For Republiscam Financial Profit. Damn them and the wars they make up. We do not need to be in the business we are in. WE need to get rid of the Scammers of our Republic. Be they Democrat or Republican, they are all morally corrupt and use death and deprivation to fund their money making schemes.

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