Tuesday, July 17, 2012


For the past few years I have been trying to get the United States to change its election process so that money cannot buy votes for individuals as the only advertising for the candidates would be on public television via debates on the individual topics of interest to the public.

That way, the people with the most money would not be able to effectively buy votes for candidates or for issues because they deluded the public with a barrage of advertising. Imagine that, no more political telephone calls in the last weeks of any election unless it was the actual candidate calling a friend. No more barrage of political commercials that only annoy and delude the viewers. NO MORE BUYING OF ELECTIONS! They would not even try to hit you up for campaign money. People who were really interested in the topics or the candidates could watch the debates and listen to the candidates. I know I would. Those who are disinterested could continue to watch their evening television programs.

I also favor heavily penalizing any attempts to bribe congress or influence congress to effect legislation beneficial to individual industries and subsequently the pocketbooks of people who gain tremendous wealth via Congressional expenditure. Professional Lobbying could solely be done in open “letters” to Congress or the concerned public at an Internet site dedicated to specific bills being proposed, or being voted for.

I am calling for a peaceful revolution in that regard. As you probably know the various large industries (Nuclear, Coal, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Big Banking, and the Military Industrial Complex have raped America for trillions of dollars that end up in personal bank accounts. Many of these Big Industries are killing people to gain their profits for their masters. The Nuclear Industry, the Coal Industry, and the Petroleum Industry have killed millions with pollution of grievous nature and they openly lie to the public to get more and more taxpayer money to continue killing for profit for corporate and individual financial gain. The Nuclear Industry is the absolute worst offender and needs to be shut down immediately!

There are a few people who are coming around to my "radical way of thinking." That is good. We might have some radical but limited reform in our government before I finally pass on. If we did, then my recent efforts might have some net positive value. I could die with a smile on my face knowing that I “had done good.”

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