Saturday, February 25, 2012

Radiation vs. Radioactive Particulate

The Nuclear Industry deludes people into believing that radiation is the important fact to consider around nuclear power plants. Radiation is not the issue. Radioactive particulate IS!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Radioactive Particulate that is causing all of the statistical increases in Breast Cancer cases in northern San Diego County (where I live) and southern Orange County. Most of that particulate comes from San Onofre Nuclear Power station. That is the reason why I have been an irritant to the Nuclear Industry all of these years.

A million people are going do die because of that insane Nuclear Accident in Japan. That number is for Japan alone. Globally it may be as many as ten Million. Almost all of those deaths will be because of particulate radiation. Very few people even know what that is. I knew what it was in high school because I studied Chemistry and Physics. Most Americans do not study anything beyond basic elementary school science in Eight Grade.

The Corrupt Japanese government in collusion with the Nuclear Industry in Japan is going around and measuring background radiation and telling people that they can live on the northern half of Honshu Island because background radiation is acceptable, supposedly less than a few X-rays a year. Knowing that just one Breast X-ray can cause Breast Cancer and is doing so to thousands of American Women annually, I am not tolerant of any increase to background radiation. Background radiation causes a lot of cancer, so why add to it? I am even less tolerant of Radioactive Particulate blowing in the wind as it is all over northern Japan. It is all over the the West Coast of the United States from Tijuana to Barrow, Alaska, with the heaviest concentrations in California and Southwestern Alaska. Fukushima particulate has been well documented in the rest of the country and in Europe. My how that nasty stuff gets around!

Yes, there is particulate blowing all around. It is on our rooftops and in our gardens too.

People are breathing that sheet in and they will have Lung Cancer in ten to twenty years from now.
People are breathing it in and they are already coming down with Leukemia.
People are breathing it in and they will have Intestinal Cancer in a few years.
People are breathing it in and coming down with Thyroid Cancer. In the children of Japan it is already happening and the doctors are amazed at the rapid onset.

Damn, it makes me so frigging angry! Over the next few years, hundreds of thousands of children will start growing cancers internally because of Fukushima. The government will not tell the people about the real threat. It isn't radiation at the fence or a few kilometers around the plant that is the consideration, it is particulate that is spread heavily over a thousand square miles of northern Japan.

We received heavy doses of that particulate on the West Coast, and our Damned Corrupt Government only turned off the radiation detectors when the heaviest dusting of particulate was going on from mid March to late April. What was their excuse? Simple, they said they had to do maintenance on the machines.

That "dust" is still here. It is in our milk (At acceptable levels our corrupt government says. -- That is a damned lie from the depths of Hell!) and it is in our food grown in areas where the particulate settled.

There are no acceptable levels. Even one Strontium particle in milk can cause a cancer to start growing in your child if he or she drinks that milk. That dust is in my fruit growing on my trees in my yard. If I eat the fruit from my garden I am ingesting Cesium and Strontium and Plutonium and Uranium that are Alpha and Beta Radiation emitters. That radiation is not even picked up on Geiger counters held just a few inches away from the fruit as Alpha and Beta radiation only travel short distances. When that short distance is inside your body it can cause tremendous DNA damage. Those types of radiation are multiple times better at causing Cancer.

Ironically, I am eating the fruit from my yard because I am old enough that that I don't give a damn anymore. I will probably be dead from a heart attack before the cancer can kill me. I grew up in the Fifties when Nuclear Bomb testing was above ground. I have Radioactive Strontium 90 in my teeth and bones. I have Radioactive Cesium in my body tissues. The tumors that I have in my abdomen could very well be the result of that Cesium. If Cesium enters the body, it is distributed fairly uniformly throughout the body's soft tissues. Slightly higher concentrations of the metal are found in muscle, while slightly lower concentrations are found in bone and fat. I probably have Plutonium in my gonads as most boys from my era do. (And then we foolishly wonder why we are seeing all of these new genetic diseases and tremendous increases in autism in our children. I don't wonder why, as I know why.) Plutonium that reaches body organs generally stays in the body for decades and continues to expose the surrounding tissue to ionizing radiation. Uranium is in our bodies, as the body processes it as if it were a simpler mineral and puts it in the bones, just like Strontium 90. Radioactive Tritium is almost always found as water, it goes directly into soft tissues and organs. Radioactive Iodine that comes raining out of the skies can cause nodules, or cancer of the thyroid as that organ picks up Iodine. I could go on and talk about other radioactive particulate, but I think the case has been made.

Have you ever seen a Government sponsored Education Film that tells the public about the tremendous increase in Cancer since the dawn of the Nuclear Age? Have you ever seen a Government sponsored Education Film that tells the people about the tremendous increase in the Death Rate from Cancer during the Nuclear Age, even though we have managed to get cigarette use greatly reduced in this nation and even though Cancer treatments have saved millions of lives? In spite of all that, the Cancer Death Rate per capita has doubled thanks to radioactive particulate that is freely available all across the nation and present in most of the American grown food that we eat.

Why won't the Government educate the American Public about this tremendous cause of death? Simple, they do not want to have to shut down the Murderous Nuclear Power Industry. The Nuclear Power Industry consistently bribes Congress so they can keep operating in America.

Years ago I figured that the German people, having benefited from one of the best education systems in the world, would have enough science education that they would understand how deadly nuclear power plants are. If they did, I hoped, they would be the first nation to outlaw nuclear power. I have written to them for years and have been supportive of their anti-Nuclear movement. To get the message across they had to get away from worrying about Radiation Levels and concentrate their worry on Particulate Levels and what they do inside the human body. Once they did that, they convinced their government.

We need to do that with our government. Of course in our case, before we ever get any success with them we need to get money out of the reelection process, because the Nuclear Industry greatly helps all reelection campaigns. If you are running for reelection they will help you as long as you are pro Nuclear Power. It is just amazing how that works.

The deaths of Millions of Americans have been bought by the Nuclear Industry because the fat cats who run it make Billions. They want to keep on making their Billions, so they can live in luxury and ostentation while others die horrible deaths. They do not care as they are living the good life that all rich people aspire to.

That is the most perfect example of "I've got Mine, so Fug You!" that the Republiscams have ever shown us.

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