Sunday, January 22, 2012

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

The NDAA does not give the POTUS any power that he does not already have and has had for over 200 years. It is just Congress saying that they should have a say in that process. Now, knowing that we will have massive waves of civil insurrection in the coming years (I'll tell you why later.) Congress wants to make it legal so that the issue can not come up in an impeachment petition. That benefits both parties regardless of who is the POTUS.

If he is wise, and I do believe Obama is very intelligent, the President will issue decrees and never refer to the Law other than to use the Law, as passed, to prevent impeachment, if necessary.

Sadly we saw that the impeachment process can be used by politicians to try to embarrass the President because he was receiving Jewish Blow Jobs in his office. That was one of the most disgusting episodes in American Political history (That has many politically disgusting episodes in it).

It is and always has been understood that a gentleman will not talk about or confirm any of his dalliances with women in any public manner (A tradition that has been carried forth for centuries by great men both good and evil.) It is culturally understood that a gentleman will prevaricate or obfuscate any attempt to expose a woman as having had a sexual tryst with that man. Bill Clinton the object of the attack did what he was required to do in our culture and NEVER should have been asked questions about his or her sex life. (Das ist Verboten! Culturally that is totally unacceptable and disgraced the Republican party for all eternity, but they have no conscience, so what else is new?)

The fear that inspired the Law was that something that disgraceful could happen again (The impeachment! NOT the Blow Job) since we have so many legislators who have no ethics or sense of moral decency as regards our culture. Granted, we could change our culture, but we should not use impeachment of the POTUS to do so. That was so unbelievably wrong!!!!

I point out the burial of the Great President of France Francois Mitterand who was given a State Funeral. Behind his coffin as it was carried down the streets walked both his wife and mistress and his legitimate and illegitimate children. They all stood by his coffin as it was laid into the ground. Photos were taken and the newspapers made little reference to it. The French have their act together. A man's relationships with his lovers or wives should not be open to discussion in the political arena. Damn the Republiscam party for what they tried to do. That act was so totally, totally, totally disgraceful.

Just to avoid any confusion here, I do not believe that Obama is a genius. Jefferson was a genius. Clinton was a Genius. I can think of no others with the possible exception of Wilson in his prime as a young man.

Obama is sort of smart and has a good understanding of ethics, though he is not really religious. In comparison, Dubya had absolutely no understanding of ethics but pretended to be religious. Bush was easily the most unethical and morally corrupt man we have ever had in elective office. I am convinced that we need to try him for treason. He and his corrupt and unethical Banker Buddies ripped off the entire nation over the 8 years of his administration. He makes the corrupt Harding and Grant administrations look almost puritanical.

I do not like Big Bankers. Their god is MONEY! Yet, the reality is that you have to deal with them. YOU need advice from them to be able to run the country since it takes money to run the government.

Obama deals with Big Bankers, since he has no choice. He respects them because of their power and their capacity to get things done, but he does not worship them like Bush did. Yet, he still has to go to them for advice. Obama fears Bernanke. I look into the presidents' eyes when they are in conference with other powerful men. I see Fear in Obama's eyes every time he is with Bernanke. He knows that Ben can make him or break him in a second. Ben knows it, too, but is running the FED solely for the benefit of the United States as it says in the Fed Charter. That is the reason why all of that profit money is given to the United States Treasury at the end of the year by the Fed. The Fed actually makes money for the United States and has done so for nearly a hundred years.

Obama does not seem to fear the lesser bankers but he still needs to have one or two in his confidence, so YES an argument can be made that Obama has "dealings" with several Big Bankers (Disgusting sh!ts though they may be!). I do not like dirty and greasy car motors, but I still get under them and change my own oil every few months. Afterwards, I carefully wash and wash and wash my hands of the dirt and greasy feeling that is on them. I am certain Obama does, too after his meetings with bankers.

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