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Modern Israel and the Arab Conflict

Modern Israel and the Arab Conflict

I have heard so many people pass misinformation about the nation of Israel and the neighboring countries. I woke up one morning and just had to write this.

Israel has a long history and is not a nation that just popped up out of nowhere. The Arabs who keep on shooting rockets and engaging in hideous acts of war against the Jewish homeland would like you to believe that the Jews came out of Eurasia to a land that had never been theirs and forcefully stole it from the Arabs who had been living there peacefully for all eternity. They also maintain that the Jews of modern Israel are not related to the Israelites from two thousand years ago. Those accusations are most certainly not the truth. DNA analysis stands testament to the fact that the Jews are the Jews, and they returned from the four corners of the Earth to give a rebirth to Israel as prophesied.

Through the centuries numerous empires have more or less "owned" the region. The Hittites, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Medes, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Turks with their Ottoman empire, and the British after World War One when they ruled greater “Britannia.” (Hail Brittania The Master of the Seas!)

Numerous “owners” over four thousand years of recorded history.

In the late 19th century some Jews in Iran thought it would be a good idea to move back to THEIR Holy Land from THEIR Biblical Times. The idea quickly spread to other Jews in other countries, most of which were in Islamic lands. Based upon Islamic accounting of mass killings of Jews, it is conservatively estimated that Millions of their faith were abused, tortured and beheaded throughout the Islamic world because they would not convert to Islam when a Radical Islamic revival swept through those lands. Similar things happened in Europe and the people of Jewish faith knew that they were not really safe in any land if political winds or religious winds started blowing. They longed to be able to return to their ancient homeland where they might find some semblance of security.

According to the Jewish scripture and modern history books there used to be plenty of Jews in that land which was then called southern Syria. Using the Bible as a research tool, they had Biblical names for all the valleys and hills and settlements. From their perspective, they would be returning to THEIR homeland. They were moving from Ancient Persia, Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and modern Europe.

So they returned and began to buy some land, and some Jews started to live on that land. It was a very unattractive place, mostly desert. Where there was water there were malaria ridden swamps, or the water was totally unusable like the Dead Sea water. (You drink it, you’re dead.) The local owners of the land, Turks and Arabs were willing to sell the “useless land” to the “really foolish” Jews. They knew they could take it back again once the Jews failed to raise crops on desert and rocky soil. Besides that, a pogrom would surely come up and most of the Jews would be killed as Mohamed instructed, and the land would revert to the Islamics.

These farmers, trying to reclaim the land bought the land lawfully. For the most part they bought land that the Arabs considered to be worthless. The Jews worked hard to drain the swamps and irrigate the deserts and proved quite successful in their efforts. Quite frankly, they were the original "Zionists," even though they arrived to join a few scattered Jews in the late 1800’s. In the next century the Jews who arrived after the British took possession of the land were called Zionists. They were just a continuation of the original movement. The Arab propaganda sheets claim that the Zionists invaded Palestine in the 1940’s and thereafter. That, of course is not accurate.

The Ottoman empire of the Islamic Turks owned the region at the time the Jewish migration started. The desolate land was sparsely populated. There simply were not very many people living there because it would not support a large population. There were a few Jews who had somehow managed to avoid being killed in the thousands of Islamic pogroms against people of their faith. There were a few Islamic Arabs that call themselves Syrians, and a few non Islamic Arabs who were Christians and of other faiths or sects.

As the Jewish immigrants drained the swamps and irrigated the rocky soil, more Jews arrived. The economy of the region was improving. Along with Jewish immigrants came Arab immigrants from adjoining lands. This Arab migration was much like the Mexican unskilled worker migration to the United States. The Arabs were looking for any available work and were working for Jewish masters who were restoring the land. They went to where there was money to be made. In fact, the Arab men would stand on street corners looking for day labor just like the Mexicans do in the United States to this day. Que sera, sera.

The Jews were referring to their reclaimed land as Israel even as far back as the 1800’s. Not all of the people who were of the Jewish faith saw themselves as Jews. There were many communities in Iran and southern Russia who claimed that they were descendant from the "Lost Northern Tribes" and were thus Israelites who were going to join their Southern Tribe Jewish distant relatives and repopulate a restored Israel as was prophesied in the Bible. For centuries the people of Jewish faith had a saying, "Next year in Jerusalem." They knew that their holy writings said that they would eventually return to their land. They were now going to make those prophesies come true.

The Jews who already lived there through the centuries (A few had escaped the pogroms.)had always referred to it as Israel or Judea. Once the Jews arrived in large numbers, the Islamics were the uneducated class even though the Islamic Turks were the local rulers.

That was due to a unique fact of history. The great Islamic era of expansion and culture was largely built upon Jewish scholasticism. Everywhere there was reading, writing and arithmetic, the usual leaders in those fields were Jews. It added to the greatness of the expanse of Islam. I strongly suspect that to keep their heads they worked for their Islamic overlords and feigned obedience to the ruling faith, but secretly kept their own faith as many in Spain did during both Islamic and Christian rule.

This fact, of course, made a great many Islamic religious leaders jealous and they eventually led numerous pogroms against the Jews in most of the Islamic countries, just like the oppression of the Jews in Persia or Egypt as depicted in the Old Testament, or the pogroms against the Jews in Russia, or Spain or Germany. Wherever the Jews wandered in the world they were certain of one thing, they would always be attacked or killed by the local populace, simply because they were Jews.

Once the Islamic nations killed off most of the Jews in their lands they killed off most of their intelligentsia and reverted to their own dark ages. It was for that reason that the Arab Islamic world became impoverished. Dumb, uneducated people by the millions who did not have a clue about how to join the modern world were left behind by the modern world.

The Ottoman Turks, without any living “wise leadership” decided to join the Germans and Austrians in World War One. They lost for obvious reasons. They also lost their Arab territories.

After that War to “End All Wars” the newly created League of Nations decided to strip the Turks of their non Turkish lands to the south of Turkey. Lebanon and Syria were given (Mandated) to the French to rule and the land that was to become Israel, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza was given (mandated) to the British to rule. Not wanting to antagonize any ethnic group living in the land, the British decided to call it Palestine from the ancient Roman name for the region. That was a name taken from the Philistines who had vanished from history after having lost numerous battles to the Israelites two to three thousand years ago. The few original Arabs in the land still thought of themselves as Syrians and balked at the name of Palestine. They knew, “They were not descended from the Ancient Philistines and the British were stupid for choosing that name for the region.”

The recent Arab immigrants (Mexican like) could trace their lineage back to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, or Arabia (soon to be called Saudi Arabia). If you want to support your wives and ten kids, you will go anywhere to find work. Still, they retained their links to their homelands and individual cultures.

Seeing the large number of Jews that were in the land after World War One, the British made a public proclamation that they looked favorably at continued Jewish immigration to their traditional homeland. At that time, the Jews had restored large parts of the land to productivity and had even started reclaiming the Negev Desert, something the Arabs thought to be totally impossible.

Conflicts started to arise between the Arabs and the Jews in the land. The Arabs, true to the teachings of Mohamed started killing Jews indiscriminately. In Islamic Prophecy they teach that in the end times Islam will rule the Earth. As that time draws near the Islamics will be called to behead the last of the Christians and Jews. At that time, the trees will cry out, "Oh brave Islamic Warrior, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and slit his throat so that Islam may totally rule the land."

Knowing that they were not safe, the Jews started flocking into kibbutzim (communal farm colonies) for self protection. As the years went by, there were more and more conflicts with the Jews always on the defensive.

In 1923 Great Britain, upon taking over Palestine, officially decided to divide the area they had control of. Using the Jordan River as the dividing line, they proclaimed that the land west of the Jordan River would be the only area that Jews could own land. The eastern side of the river would henceforth be the Arab side. So the artificial country of Trans-Jordan (Across the Jordan) was created to the east of the river. That side would be an Arab-Palestine homeland. That massive “Homeland” was about 75% of the British mandate.

The west side would be Jew-Palestine homeland, the remaining 25% of the mandate. It was the area where the Jews were so successful in recovering the land from the rocks, desert and malaria swamps.

To rule the large “Arab” side of Palestine, the British import an artificial Emir from what is now Saudi Arabia to take control. This Emir, like most of the people, wasn't even from the region. That essentially put a lie to calling it a Palestinian-Arab homeland, because he wasn’t a Palestinian or an Ancient Philistine.

(In my humble opinion the British should have annexed the eastern 75% of their mandate to Iraq instead of bringing in the Emir. Oil had been discovered in Iraq and the land had many job opportunities. They then could have encouraged the Arabs west of the river to immigrate to that massive oil rich land. That, of course, is hindsight.)

Concurrent with this British declaration, Arab Nationalism started to flare. Just like the pogroms of old they launched ever increasing attacks on the Jews west of the river, (and a few Jews who were east of the river who had been living in the land for many centuries.) Many, many innocent Jewish farmers, merchants, women and children were murdered. The Jews referred to these attacks for what they were, “Islamic Terrorism.”

Some atrocious attacks like the Hebron massacres of 1929 killed many innocent Jewish people. Some of those families were, Sephardi Jews, had lived in Hebron for centuries; but a massive cry of “Death to the Jews” by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem resulted in a slaughter of innocents after the Arab populace was aroused to anger because the Jews went to their own religious schools called yeshivas, instead of the Islamic schools called madrassas.

Then an additional massive series of attacks occurred during the 1936-39 Arab Revolt which was tied to the rise of Nazi Germany in Europe. Over 400 Jews were murdered by the Arabs, and constant persecution was the norm. the British rulers were not providing protection to the Jews.

Right about this time the Jews figured that they were on their own, so they had no other choice but to defend themselves, or they were going to be killed off just like their ancestors were in the Islamic lands and other lands centuries before.

The Jews formed defense organizations (Hagana, Irgun) to protect their own. These organizations later became the Israeli Defense Force, (IDF) as it is called to this day.

The British, meanwhile appeared to be disinterested in a solution to the violence. There were somewhat substantiated reports that British leadership was working with the Arab terrorists groups in assisting planned raids on the Jewish kibbutzim. In addition, the British restricted Jewish immigration to Israel. This, right at the time that Hitler was terrorizing the Jews in Europe. The Jews urgently needed a place to escape to and they were denied that opportunity to escape. This denial of refuge was the norm throughout the world before and during World War Two. It almost looked like the existing nations of the world conspired to deny the Jews refuge. Only a few countries allowed a trickle of Jews to immigrate.

The Jews gradually began to see the British as the enemy, and their defense forces start to attack the “morally corrupt” British as well as counterattack the Arabs who were killing the Jews in their homeland. A lot of gunfights and explosions ensued.

The British continue to prohibit any significant Jewish immigration to Israel during and after World War Two. Had they allowed that migration, they might have saved millions of Jewish lives. There was great anger in the Jewish world community and the British were shamed into desiring a termination of their mandate.

The British decided after World War Two that they no longer had an interest in governing Palestine, and asked the newly formed United Nations to vote on partition of the land between Jew and Arab, based upon where they lived.

In spite of their announced Palestine division standard, the UN decided to give some vastly improved Jewish lands to the Arabs to as to create corridors between Arab populated areas. Besides, they figured, “Why should the Jews get all the best developed lands. Weren’t they always that way?” Any Jews living in those areas would, of course, have been slaughtered by the Islamic Arabs as was always the case. The UN could care less about a few Jewish lives after six million had just been killed in Europe.

In May of 1948 the UN voted for partition (Resolution 181) along those newly revised lines and all hell broke loose. The Arab governments that surrounded Israel or were “near-by” promised to kill all the Jews and drive them into the sea. They wouldn't even have to rely upon the trees to tell them were the Jews were hiding. They just told all the Arabs in the land to flee the advancing Arab armies who were going to kill all who were in their path.

The Jews decided that they did not like that idea and decided to fight back. Along the way they would try to reserve a portion of the land promised to them by England in 1923. The UN partition plans took too much land that was already Jewish away from the Jews.

At any rate the Jews declared their independence and the “Great Islamic War to Exterminate the Jews” was on. The Arabs broadcast on all of their radio stations and from their mosque minarets and in leaflets that the extermination of the Jews as mandated by Mohamed was at hand. All Arabs in the area were to flee the approaching Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Trans Jordan, Iraqi and Saudi Armies. The Jordanian Army was officered by British Officers and was equipped with modern munitions. The Egyptians had tanks and fighter aircraft.

On all fronts, the young Jewish settlers who were trying to be impromptu soldiers were outmanned ten to one and outgunned a hundred to one. They had no fighter aircraft and no cannons and no modern weapons other than a few handguns, rifles and knives, but they did have a strong will to survive and a ferocious determination to defend their wives and children. Not only that, their women and lots of their older children were willing to fight, too. A ragtag Jewish army of men, women and children were determined that they would be slaughtered no more, and nobody was going to drive them into the sea to be drowned.

Regardless of all their privation, they did have lots of glass bottles and gasoline, and used the two as Molotov Cocktails to fight effectively against the tanks. All of the well armed and uniformed professional Arab armies were beaten back, even those with professional British Officers. When the fighting stopped, Israel had most of the land that had originally been Jewish with the chief exception being their ancient capital of Jerusalem. The UN and British “give-away” of Jewish lands had been thwarted.

About half of the Arabs had fled their villages and towns. They were provided refugee camps in the countries of the attacking armies. Lebanon, Syria, Egypt all set up refugee camps for the Arabs who had fled the advance of the Arab armies that were going to kill “everything in their paths.” Now, seeing the great bargaining chip the refugees were, the Arab governments encouraged them to remain where they were and stay permanent refugees. “After all,” they reasoned, “the UN had created this situation, so the UN could feed and cloth the refugees until hell froze over.”

Meanwhile almost half a million Jews were frightened into fleeing nearby Arab countries after the local Islamic populations threatened them with death. So the Jews fled from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Oman, and so on. They even started arriving from India and Pakistan and Islamic lands in the southern Soviet Union. They have no place else to go so they immigrate to the new but ancient Jewish homeland of Israel. They hoped to find peace there and escape persecution and maybe escape further insane Islamic attacks and everyday retribution for practicing their ancient faith.

Had the Islamic countries accepted the refugees into the homes vacated by the Jews there would have been no refugee problem at all, but the Arab governments wanted to use them as pawns in a political game. Egypt will shoot any Arabs who try to flee from Gaza into Egypt, even though many of these people were “Mexican like immigrants to Israel from Egypt” in the first place. The refugee camps in the other Arab countries were maintained with fenced perimeters so that the Arabs who followed the radio instructions to flee the advancing Arab armies were kept as prisoners by their host countries.

The Arab countries continued constant harassment of Israel. Gunfire across the borders was common. Syria constantly used their howitzers on mountainous high ground on the Golan Heights (Land that used to be part of Ancient Israel) to fire on Israeli Kibbutzim down in the land of Galilee (that Jesus favored for his ministry.) Nothing could be done to stop the ugly Arab attacks on innocent Israeli civilian farmers and children.

In 1955, Egypt started an escalating war of words (mostly lies) about Israel and gradually worked themselves into a fevered war anticipation status. Their radio stations were screaming that, “The Jews were going to die and be driven back into the sea.” The Egyptians moved their army into the Sinai and put advanced modern tank brigades and battalions of soldiers in close proximity to the Israeli border. Threatening war, they shut down Israeli shipping from the southern Israeli port of Elath with threats to use land based canon fire to sink the ships.

That interference with shipping is recognized to be an overt act of war. In 1956 Israel counterattacked and drove all the way to the Suez Canal in a matter of days. Once it was obvious that the Egyptian army had been slaughtered on the battlefield and all their modern weapons lost to the Israeli IDF, the British and French landed paratroopers in the Suez Canal Zone to try to “keep it open.”

The UN made the British and French leave the Canal Zone and got the Israeli’s to return to Israel with a promise that the UN would keep peacekeepers in the Sinai to keep the Egyptian army from making a foolish nuisance of itself in the future. Israel accepted the terms. All was right with the world for a few months. The Islamic Arab mind does not stay stable for long when it comes to Israel.

In 1967 Egypt and Syria and other Arab countries started a whole new propaganda campaign pretending that they were going to drive the Jews into the ocean again. Egypt and Syria had brand new weapons systems and air forces and millions of men to use as soldiers. So Egypt ordered the UN out of the Sinai, moved their armies up to the border of Israel and with their radio broadcast martial music tried to rant and chant their foolish selves into a war frenzy just like 1956 and 1948. They again cut off Israeli shipping from Elath. Amazingly, that was still recognized as an overt act of war. The radio stations started broadcasting that, “All of the Jews were going to die and they would be pushed back into the ocean.”

The Israeli IDF launched a defensive attack to destroy the Egyptian Air Force on the ground and drive the Egyptians away from their borders. Within minutes, the Egyptian Army had been defeated and bypassed by the Israeli IDF on a race to the Suez Canal, Again!

Jordan and Syria with their armies already advanced for aggressive combat declared war on Israel. The IDF was stretched pretty thin, but in six days they totally destroyed the Egyptian Army, drove the Jordanians back across the Jordan River (thus freeing their ancient capital) and pushed the Syrian army back from the Golan Heights from which they used to frequently fire howitzer cannon shells into Israeli Kibbutzim to kill the people where they slept.

Israel this time did not retreat from the Suez Canal and stayed there for six years to try to force Egypt to agree to terms of a lasting peace. The Egyptians balked at the idea, having sunk ships in the Suez Canal to prevent international shipping from using it "as long as Israel exists." They also mined the canal to ensure the blockage of international shipping. (Perhaps the British and French were right to land paratroopers there in the first place back in 1956?)

Eventually the Israeli’s agreed to pull back from the eastern canal edge as long as the Egyptians agreed not to put any armed forces across the canal. The Egyptians agreed. Yet in 1971 they started planning a new attack that was to take place across the Suez Canal.

In 1973, completely restocked with modern Russian war weapons, and jet fighters and bombers the Egyptians start playing their obnoxious martial music on their radios again (How many times is this?). They start talking about “killing all the Jews and pushing the Jews back into the sea.” Then on Yom Kippur (The Jewish High Holy Day) they attack across the Suez Canal. (Sort of like the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor on a Sunday!)

The Israeli’s rolled with the punch and took significant casualties on the first two days of combat as they moved troops to the front. Meanwhile they counterattacked south of where the Egyptian army had crossed the canal, and cut off the entire modern Egyptian army from its supply by crossing to the West bank and driving north. Absolutely Masterful plan and it was well executed!

The British would say that the IDF had the Egyptians by the short and curly’s.

Knowing that the Israeli’s were in position to destroy their entire and impressive modern army for the third time in 17 years (1956, 1967, and 1973) the Egyptians sued for peace and agreed to keep main armaments out of the Sinai and to never play that idiotic martial music again. They were to eventually recognize Israel as a sovereign state.

In the Golan Heights, Syria had initial success when they vastly outnumbered the few Israeli holding forces, many of whom were just teenage boys on their first reserve assignments. Syria tried to take the highlands back and were rebuffed by tremendous and furious hand to hand combat in trenches and bunkers. Having lost too many soldiers to the ferocious IDF, Syria pulled back, amazed that the scholarly Jews could fight like ferocious mad men in that kind of combat. Jordan under the wise leadership of King Hussein was too smart to try to attack across the Jordan River. He had learned his lesson back in 1967.

In the following years, Israel has given back lots of land to the Arabs. In a peace agreement between the two countries, Egypt got all of the Sinai and the Gaza and an open Suez Canal. The West Bank was turned over to the Arabs that lived there, but areas that were 100 percent Jewish were kept as part of Israel. Because of constant attacks by suicide bombers, Israel is building a wall to keep the Arabs away from the Jews. Once the wall went up the explosions went down. That helped save Arab lives as well as Jewish lives. Saving lives is a good thing.

Radical Islamic Iran is arming the uneducated masses of Arabs in countries and camps that border Israel and supplying them with rockets and missiles to attack Jewish villages. Iran needs to be dealt with forcefully by the United States as Iran is the world’s greatest and most satanically evil terrorist nation. I recommend total destruction and dismemberment of the country. There is no relationship between modern day Iran and Ancient Persia, so there is no need to preserve Iran as the country that was artificially put together by the British. There are millions of Kurds, Turks and Arabs who do not feel that they belong in that horrible country.

Let it be. Shout out words of wisdom, "Let it be!"

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