Monday, November 10, 2008

For once in a long time, I heard everything my pastor said in his sermon.

For once in a long time, I heard everything my pastor said in his sermon. (I usually nod off about two to three minutes in and wake up at the final song to close the service. My wife says I embarass her with all of the snoring.) Well, golly geee whillikers, I'm almost 61 years old, and some places just lull me to sleep.

Oh, back to the Pastor! He started off with mentioning that all Hell is going to break loose over the next seven years.

Now, as far as I know that is essentially a declaration that we are in the Tribulation. The Bible warns us that no man knows the date and time for the coming of these things. Well, it looks like the pastor has looked at the signs of the times and has made up his mind.

Hummmmmm? What to do about that? If I were he, I'd say that I was sixty percent certain that we are in what the Bible calls "The Last Days," but I would not come out and say we are definitely in "The Last Days." That would be too presumptuous. Besides, it is very hard to get a straight answer out of me in a variable case like that. Saying sixty percent makes a hell of a lot more sense. Saying sixty one percent (The number of my years) would imply too much accuracy. I think we are close.

Or am I wrong? What is your reading? Are we in the Last Days with only seven more years before Christ returns to the Earth to kill off all those who would attack Israel and the teachings of their False Prophet?

The Bible says Jesus is going to wipe out the 200 Million strong army that is attacking His People Israel. That will happen with blood so high a horse might drown in it. Yuch! All of this is supposed to happen at Har Megiddo in Israel. (Har Megiddo = the mound of the area called Megiddo) From that we get Armegeddon.

The Last Days -- The final seven years of Earth as reported in the Revelation of John.
The Later Days -- The final generation on Earth before Jesus returns. The Start of the generation would be at the time that Israel was born again from the dead. May 1948.

We are in the Later Days according to the Bible, but I am not convinced that we are in the Last Days. That may be a few years off.

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