Monday, May 26, 2008

Elections and voting.

I usually vote Republican. Last time I voted for a Democrat for President was when I voted for Carter the first time he ran. I think that was because he was a Southern Baptist Sunday School Teacher and so was I. Besides, he had a great smile. After four years of Jimmy Carter, I was willing to vote for anybody who was not Carter. Reagan did fine. Then I got on the Republican bandwagon for a few elections.

Last election I voted for myself as I could not vote for any of the official candidates. Since they probably don't want to waste time tabulating the singular write in candidates, the election workers probably invalidated my ballot. Otherwise, there is one vote for Joe Neubarth listed somewhere in the San Diego records.

I think I have also voted for myself for Governor and Mayor of San Diego. Sure beats voting for those career politicians who pollute the airwaves for months before every election. Voting for myself is my way of retaliating against all that obnoxious noise.

Why is it that the Republican candidates are usually poor students? Bush junior (Dubya) was a total airhead in College. Most people believe that he is to this day. I won't argue with them. Even I think he is dumber than a small rock.

Reagan was not a good student. Ford, it was said, was hit in the head too many times when he played football in college. Nixon might have been a good student. I don't know about him. He was a mama's boy and they are usually good students. I know that Ike was only so so. Not brilliant, but he did not screw things up. That is probably the reason he was appointed by Roosevelt to five star general over so many other men.

That not screwing things up is the true fundamental measure of a President. They are considered to be good if they do not screw with things. To be excellent or great, they actually have to make a few changes for the good usually in stressful times.

Don't know how I am going to vote this time around. Guess I will have to start actually listening to the commercials.

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