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Most doctors don't know much about nutrition.

Most doctors don't know much about nutrition. Consequently, they are killing us through neglect.

The sad reality is that modern doctors are taught the same crud that nutritionists are taught in our universities. A lot of it is wrong and it has led to the death of over 100 million North Americans in the past fifty years. That is more than all of the wars in American history. Shoot, try world history, too.

I'll cite an example. Nutritionists tell you that eating a diet that has too much fat will make you fat and cause Sclerosis of the Arteries and Heart Attacks.


To disprove that, go test mankind in the wild elements of nature to see what the causes of clogged arteries are.

If the nutritionists theory is true, a civilization that eats lots of fat would be a good one to study. But where can we find lots of people eating a lot of fat. For starters, the French diet is loaded with fat (all those sauces and cheeses on or with their food and loads of butter, butter and more butter.) Yet, the French had a very low incidence of hardening of the arteries.

When you point that fact out to nutritionists and doctors, they say well it must be something else in their diet that causes the fat to not build up in the arteries. So, they pick on the wine in the French diet. The only problem with that supposition is that there are many French who eat their normal highly fat diet who do not drink wine, and they have the same lack of clogged arteries that most Frenchmen have.

Then they say, it must be their genes. They are just naturally immune to clogged arteries. The French are a polyglot nation with people coming from everywhere to add to the French gene pool. Nope it is not that. The fault lies in the fact that it is not the fat that one eats, it is the refined carbohydrates that are at fault.

To see another example, go to the Eskimos in the wild (not those living in public supported housing in Fairbanks or Anchorage). I'm talking about those who are living on their own, "way up north in Alaska" where during the six months of dark cold winter they subsist on Muck-tuck (Blubber or fat as we like to call it.) In their natural state, they would eat nothing but fat and protein during the winter.

If we were to believe nutritionists, their arteries would be clogged beyond compare and they would all die of heart attacks when they were 29 or younger.


Autopsies on their bodies indicate an absence of crud in their arteries. Pure and no problems noted. Wow!

Yet, if you take those same Eskimos and move them to Fairbanks or other metro areas and change their diet to one rich in enriched carbohydrates (flour and sugar rich), they get fat and die at a young age of heart disease. Why? They end up getting Type Two Diabetes (Which is more commonly called Obesity Onset Diabetes by those in the know. Get rid of the fat and the Diabetes goes away. AMAZING!)

So what made the Eskimos fat? It certainly was not the whale blubber, because they were not fat when they lived further north and they had no indication of obesity problems. So what changed in their diets? Yep, once in the projects they started eating sugar and flour and other foods that included refined carbohydrates. Donuts and cake and white bread and.....

I tell all of my overweight friends who are taking blood pressure medicine because their blood pressure goes up with increased weight to lower the weight and they will see their blood pressure go down.

Unfortunately not as much as if they had lived all their lives with the Eskimos in the wild eating blubber.

If they have been eating carbohydrates in the typical diet that most Americans eat, they may have clogged their arteries so much that they are fighting a lost cause and can never get their blood pressure into the acceptable level for their age, short of cleaning out their arteries.

One proactive solution would be to take your kids as soon as they are born to go live with the Eskimos in the wild. Not practical! Another solution would be to cut out the Western diet overly rich in refined carbs. That is practical.

American soldiers who fought in the Civil War had limbs amputated. Some of those limbs were preserved in alcohol. Recent study of those arms and legs showed almost no clogging of the arteries. Obviously those people back then were not eating a lot of refined sugar and flour with all of the fiber removed (to get a fantastic refined carbohydrate sugar rush) Donuts will do that to you. Cake and donuts were for the aristocracy. The common man ate full fiber breads and other non refined food items.

Autopsies of World War One dead showed much of the same.

Autopsies of World War Two dead showed the beginning of a problem with clogged arteries. Obviously something started happening between the two wars. What was it?

Autopsies of Korean War dead showed an increasing problem and by the Viet Nam war, the problem was manifest in the young men that died over there.

That was substantive physical evidence that something happened in the American diet after World War One, and it got progressively worse, and no doctor will tell you what it was.

It was not the fat in the diet, it was the refined carbs..... In the late 1800's the diet of America changed. It was gradual, but we started eating more and more food with white flour and sugar in it.

Our consumption of sugar and flour after World War One has subsequently skyrocketed. We take Eskimos out of the wild to prove that we can kill them with the modern diet of white flour and sugar. It works with almost one hundred percent efficiency. They develop Type Two Diabetes and then show serious hardening/clogging of the arteries then die of heart disease years too early.

Wake up American! Ignore the nutritionists!

What you eat IS killing you, even if it tastes good!

Cut out the refined carbs. Live like the Eskimos did before we messed with their style of life.

If you can not do the raw fat thing in winter (Yuck!), go back to the style of food that American ate before World War One.

Do anything but eat the health destroying crap we now are giving to our children.

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